Buddhist Film Archive
Let's open tha vaults this Christmas
The Dalai Lama:
More than 700 hours of H.H. the Dalai-Lamas inspirational public talks and teachings filmed over the last 40 years.
Buddhist Teachers:
A precious collection of teachings of Tibet's greatest Buddhist masters, many of whom have since passed away.
Fascinating footage capturing rites and rituals, unchanged for almost a millennia.
Several hundred hours of footage of vanishing Tibetan cultural traditions includeing arts, crafts, story telling, Thangka painting, dance and music.

Will you help us edit an hour of footage?

We now just have a small amount still to raise. Will you help us over the finish line?

£25 will pay for one programme to be edited and prepared for online viewing. This could be of one of the great Tibetan Masters, footage of vanishing Tibetan traditions (unchanged for almost a millennia) or one of the many public talks and teachings of The Dalai Lama: all a precious gift to the world. Your name, if you wish, will be added to the credits and a clip will be posted to Facebook with thank, or you might wish to gift this to a friend or a loved one.

Alternatively if you wish to give your committed support, you can become a Guardian. Your regular monthly gift of £5 or more, will help to provide the stability this project needs. Guardians hold the keys to ‘Opening the Vaults’ and bringing this unique historic, cultural and spiritual resource to all mankind.

If you prefer to make a one off donation, whatever you can offer will be greatly appreciated.


Thank you to Geoff Jukes, Janet Miller, Marie Beresford and Greta Jensen for donating £25 and enabling us to make these films from our archive available.

In the Presence of Compassion
The Teaching of Buddha in Everyday Life
Time and Physical Existence According to Buddhist Philosophy
The Essence of Mahayana Buddhism